The Data &
Market Research freelance platform

zoulloo connects businesses with a professional network of flexible and highly skilled freelancers who specialise in data and market research, to successfully give your projects a boost.


A platform disrupting traditional recruitment

zoulloo has been developed to offer a higher quality of talents to our clients, and to increase the chances of getting work for our freelancers.


Only 1 in 5 freelancers who apply to zoulloo are accepted, as they are put through a 5-stage onboarding process which allows us to select the top talents, whatever their level of experience.


Each freelance profile is analysed, using more than 200 criteria covering technical skills and soft skills to guarantee a perfect match between projects and talents.

Close ties

We spend more than 1 hour with each freelancer accepted on zoulloo, developing close ties with them, which forms the cornerstone of talent engagement and more efficient matching.

Get the talent that you need, within 72 hours

of companies are dealing with a talent shortage
2022 Global Talent Shortage, Manpower
Recruitment lead time: 100+ days, +50% over the past 3 years
Gartner: Future of Work Trends 2023 - Feb. 2023
of resources will be freelancer by 2026
Future of Work in Insight & Data - 2021
zoulloo helps businesses to adapt,
transitioning from "owning talents"
to "accessing talents"
Data & Market Research Services

Data & Market Research services adapted to your challenges

zoulloo selects the top freelancers and skills in data and market research to respond to your business challenges and requirements.

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Supply Chain

Demand forecasting, Stock optimisation, Traceability and transparency, Supplier management, Sustainability and corporate social responsibility, etc.

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Market understanding, change management, innovation management, concept testing, mix optimisation, technological and competitive benchmarking, simulated test market, etc..

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Media Management

Impact and ROI measurement, messaging strategy, online reputation management, creative effectiveness and campaign performance, social media efficacy, trafic management, etc...

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Risk Management

Regulatory compliance, Credit risk management, Market risk management, Cybersecurity risk management, Risk assessment, etc.

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Brand Management

Brand Health Analysis, driver analysis, competitive strength, share of voice and social impact, corporate image, etc.

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Customer Experience

Customer journey, driver analysis, benchmarking, multi channel analysis, conversion analysis, etc.

Our mission

The best match between freelancer, project and company

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the skills, expectations and requirements of the top data and market research freelancers, zoulloo is able to efficiently connect the right talent with the right project.

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The freelancers you need, within 72 hours

Tell us about your project, we find the adequate talent

1. Create your account

Create your account in just a few clicks, or log in to access your account.

2. Tell us about your project

Tell us about your project, its goals, the skills you are looking for, and the working environment.

3. Have a chat with our team

Our teams will give you a call to discuss your needs, so we can start finding the right talents for you.

4. Discover the talents

Our teams find the talents that fit your needs and ask for a proposal from each suitable talent identified.

5. Choose the right talent for your project

You can chat with the talents that you select, so you can choose the one who best suits what you are looking for.

6. Get the mission started

Your mission is started as soon as your accept the proposal of the talent you want to work with.

Get in touch

We advise you on your needs

Looking for freelancers for a short- or medium-term project? Want to discover the platform? Make an appointment for the day and time that best suits you.

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