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From owning talents to accessing talents

zoulloo is the first freelance platform 100% dedicated to the data and market research sectors. It brings together profiles covering a wide range of skills: Data scientists, data analysts, insight managers, social insight analysts, web analysts, data protection managers, etc.
Acting as a truely modern guild, zoulloo helps you leverage data and insights to understand your environment and make the right decision by deploying the skills that meet your needs.

Why zoulloo

Why choose zoulloo

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the skills, expectations and requirements of the top data and market research freelancers, zoulloo is able to efficiently connect the right talent with the right project.
Close ties with talents
Precise and in-depth knowledge of the talents' soft and hard skills
All data and market research jobs on one single place
A service designed by data & market research professionals for data & market research professionals
Deux personnes se serrent la main
A platform that brings together freelancers highly specialising in data and marketing research to give your projects a successful boost.
Mission and vision

A solution disrupting traditional players

zoulloo came about after we noticed a threefold gap in the market for a disruptive solution that can take on the challenges of the ever-changing professional world.

Growing need for analysis

Given the volume and diversity of information available, businesses are faced with a growing need for analysis capacities, requiring access to specific, cutting-edge skillsets. Having all of these skillsets in-house is not economically viable.
This is where zoulloo steps in, creating access to "on-demand" talent that aligh with your needs.

Growing need for autonomy

More than 1 in 5 employees working in data are freelance, or plan to freelance. These freelancers, who represent high-value resources, need autonomy and freedom.
zoulloo provides you with these high-value talents.

Growing need for transversality

The increased volume and diversity of data is greatly complexifying the understanding of the environment and the world. The solution resideds in combining different skillsets (data science, market research, social insights, web analytics) working towards a common goal: Transforming data into information that gives you the power to make reasoned decisions and meet the needs of business teams.
zoulloo encourages sharing and communication between the diverse talents of the data and market research fields to provide the best responses possible to business challenges.
A virtuous ecosystem which offers agility and efficiency to talents and businesses alike.

You submit your project, we find the talent(s)

1. Create your zoulloo account

Create your account in just a few clicks, or log in to access your zoulloo space.

2. Tell us about your project

Tell us about your project, its goals, the skills you are looking for, and the working environment.

3. Have a chat with our team

Our teams will give you a call to discuss your needs, so we can start finding the right talents for you.

4. Discover the talents

Our teams find the talents that fit your needs and ask for a proposal from each suitable talent identified.

5. Choose the right talent for your project

You can chat with the talents that you select, so that you can choose the one who best suits what you are looking for.

6. Get the mission started

Your mission is started as soon as your accept the proposal of the talent you want to work with.

zoulloo takes particular care in qualifying freelancers' skills, which accelerates your engagements by quickly identifying the best combinations of talents, projects and teams.

Join the first Data & Market Research community

Communicating and sharing is a crucial lever to mission's success.

To this end, transversality needs to be developed and talents from the world of data and market research need to be connected to work towards a shared goal: Transforming data into insights that give you the power to make reasoned decisions, meeting business needs.

1. Create your zoulloo account

Create your account in just a few clicks, or log in to access your zoulloo space.

2. Tell us about your skills

Tell us about your technical skills, soft skills, and areas of expertise.

3. Validate your skills

Evaluate your soft skills and hard skills according to your areas of expertise and experience.

Join the zoulloo talent community

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You will receive project opportunities when your profile and your skills are matched with client needs.
Pont - Logo zoulloo
You will join the zoulloo talent community, a community of experts in data and market research: A space to share, learn, and connect.
zoulloo identifies the potential of the top data and market research talents, and supports them, helping them to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right business.
Our values

zoulloo's values



zoulloo is committed to offering the best experience possible to both talents and businesses alike by deploying both human and technological resources.



zoulloo invests all of the time needed to understand each talent and each project entrusted to our platform.

Saut en parachute


We are constantly working to create the conditions for a relationship based on trust between talents, clients and zoulloo.

Saut extrême


zoulloo creates a space where the worlds of data and market research can come together to offer flexible, high-performing, and open-minded talents.



zoulloo encourages its community to share their experiences, express their ideas, help one another to build a positive and helpful environment together.



zoulloo is constantly innovating to achieve excellence in the talent recruitment process, and in the quality of the zoulloo experience for talents and business alike.

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