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zoulloo provides a quick and efficient response by providing data and market research freelancers who fit your needs, thanks to the winning combination of technology and a human touch.

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Data & market research

Created by Data & Market Research professionals

We have more than 20 years of experience in data and market research professions. As zoulloo has been developed and is led by data and marketing research professionals, we are able to identify skills in order to perfectly meet your needs. In a market undergoing constant and significant changes, wherein 30% of talents are set to go freelance in the coming years, businesses need to shift from a logic focused on owning talents to one of accessing talents. That is what makes zoulloo.

Why zoulloo

Why choose zoulloo

Highly qualified profiles, support at every step of the way to save you time.

Built on the advantages of selectivity, precision and close ties, zoulloo is a unique offering which is shaking up the traditional talent recruitment process and the existing platforms on the market, based on its exceptional community engagement. You save time at every step of the process:

High-quality profiles guaranteed by our selectivity
Efficient matching thanks to high-precision profiling
Close ties with our talents and our clients ensured by our teams
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Get the talent that you need, within 72 hours

of companies are dealing with a talent shortage
2022 Global Talent Shortage, Manpower
Recruitment lead time: 100+ days, +50% over the past 3 years
Gartner: Future of Work Trends 2023 - Feb. 2023
of resources will be freelancer by 2026
Future of Work in Insight & Data - 2021
zoulloo helps businesses to adapt,
transitioning from "owning talents"
to "accessing talents"
Talent pool

Selection, Precision, Close Ties

Rigorous freelancer validation process, demanding qualification and analysis of skills, engaging onboarding process: we use a selective and precise recruitment method for freelancers which creates firm connections.

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Skills qualification based on 4 dimensions and more than 200 criteria selected to cover all areas of expertise in data and market research.

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Interview between the freelancer and a Talent Agent, who is a professional in the data and market research fields.

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Profiling soft skills during a 40–50 minutes evaluations via our partner solution for analysing the potential of talents.

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Evaluation and validation of hard skills through targeted and adapted tests via our partner platform to select technical talents.

Freelancer sourcing

A targeted selection

skill criteria analysed (soft & hard skills)
+1 hour
of 1-to-1 conversations with each freelancer during the application process
freelancers who sign up are accepted
Find a freelancer

How to submit your project and find freelancers

Tell us what you need for your data project or your market research, and we will find specialist freelance talents who have a profile and skills that match your project.


1. Brief

Every project starts with a brief. Via your personal space on the zoulloo platform, you can tell us what you need and the details of your project (hourly rate or fixed rate, on-site or remote working, etc.) and briefly described the required skills.


2. Chat

zoulloo will contact you to discuss your goals and the skills needed to make sure your project is a success.
Your Customer Success Manager formalises the pitch for your project, which will be shared with the freelancers selected.


3. Select

zoulloo selects the freelancers which have the profile and skills that correspond to your data or market research project.
If their profile and proposal catches your attention, you will be put in touch with them to finalise your selection.

Community of experts

Much more than just a freelance network

To be efficient in an increasingly unstable world, you are faced with a growing need: Combine the ability to analyse diverse data sets of data specialists with the capacity to understand consumers and markets of market research specialists. The zoulloo community is based around expertise, sharing, and conversations to facilitate collaboration between experts in data and market research, to strengthen their respective expertise, and to optimise the quality of the profiles that you work with.


Frequently asked questions

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Need a freelancer?

Looking for a freelancer for an hourly-rate project? Want to put together a pool of freelancers, or need freelance services for one-off jobs? In just 72 hours, zoulloo finds the freelancers that match your needs.

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